Digital Works in Two Dimensions

I produced the following images in the 3d modeling program Zbrush through a labor-intensive process of sculpting, positioning, and rendering. Each composition incorporates numerous original sculptures with additional found models in complex 3d digital dioramas. As their complexity makes sufficiently large-scale renders impossible, these dioramas must be rendered in small sections, then exported to Photoshop to be tiled together. The final composition is then painted over in Photoshop, detailing, balancing, and unifying it. The resulting images are intended to simultaneously recall digitally rendered images, traditional paintings, and collages.

These works are then¬†printed on paper, canvas, or acrylic at scales ranging from approximately 40″x 60″ to 60″x 90″ using dimensions that conform to common aspect ratios (Our Digital Memory, for instance, is printed at 72 x 45 inches, a 16/10 aspect ratio).